• Facial Hair Trimmer

    • Narrower, suitable for precise trimming.
    • Often equipped with adjustable cutting depth.
    • Designed for easy grip and trimming in front of a mirror.
    • Specifically designed for facial use, hygiene and safety features may differ from body trimmers.
  • Body Trimmer

    • Wider, suitable for handling larger areas.
    • Typically used to maintain shorter body hair.
    • Designed for ease of use at various angles and positions.
    • Specifically designed for body use, with specific hygiene and safety considerations.

Sleek in design yet powerful in performance.

In today's increasingly complex world, the URBANER Electric Trimmer introduces a revolutionary product with its minimalist design, redefining the art of hair trimming.
This is more than just an electric hair clipper; it is a fusion of high technology and Eastern traditional wisdom, created for the modern consumer seeking simplicity and efficiency.

One charge, long-lasting

4-in-1 Men’s Grooming Kit

Your best versatile partner -
Interchangeable heads for fine hair precise trimming

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Battery included, Quick shaving

3-in-1 Men’s Grooming Kit

Your best travel partner –
Wherever you go, be your own stylist

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